Kizzy Watson, 27, Head receptionist & Actress

"My hair journey started back in 2009 when I first started university. Being on an acting course made me more self-confident and aware of my image. Hair was always, and still is, an important factor in my life and has become part of who I am. It is an addition to my character, my hair is me and its natural and its beautiful. Everyone always tries to advise on how to get and retain long healthy hair, but does that really matter? Ive learnt to realise and accept that if your hair is short and healthy you’re still winning. Ive learnt to be easy on myself and put my focus on hair health and not length. Natural hair is so important for me as a black woman, and what it represents is so valuable.

It is only the past few years that I have learnt to follow people on social media that have my hair texture. It's been inspiring to see how people are caring for and embracing their hair texture, for me to follow suit. I’ve realised that the love you have for your hair takes time to develop, so don’t rush the process.

I'm proud to embrace every stage of my hair journey and encourage others to do so. It’s MY hair journey, so I own it. But most importantly, you have to remember to love yourself and the rest will come after!!"

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