Bo Ebuehi, 50, Finance Manager

“Where shall I start...? I started to wear my crown in its natural state many years ago and it stemmed from a personal journey. My *I am enough journey* But I wasn’t ready for my grey crown.

We tend to grey early in my family. Knowing this did not prepare me for how I’d take to my grey beginnings. I found myself dyeing my hair to fit in, perhaps to look ‘the part’ (whatever that was) and to enable acceptance from others. To feel complete. It didn’t matter what colour I used, I still yearned for my natural colour free hair.

It took a conversation with one of my daughters, a conversation that challenged me to walk my talk, to embrace all that I was (that I am), to fully embrace my grey natural crown. I wasn’t going to let my hair define me or let others define what was acceptable hair for me. No, I am not my hair”.

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